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Here at Blackwood Garden Centre we take great pride in growing all our seasonal bedding Plants ourselves. A Process that started last Autumn by visiting our Seed supliers trial grounds  to see what was "New" and would offer our customers some of the latest varieties of Bedding Plants, collecting seed catologues and trying to to select the best plants for our area to provide long lasting colour.

Sowing of this years crop started the day after Boxing Day! Despite a very cold and dark start to the season giving tough growing conditiions,It is now great to see all the hundreds of hours of hard work sowing and tra nsplanting 1000's of seeds looking great and on sale now,

We have an extensive range of Filled Tubs and Planters as well as hanging baskets ready in store now, why not Let us take the strain and do the work for you!

Also, see our About Us page for more information about Blackwood - and come and see us soon!

Plant of the Week: Caryopteris

Plant of the Week: Caryopteris

If you always feel a little sad when your lavender flowers fade, this unassuming little blue shrub could be exactly what you need. It takes up where lavender leaves off, carrying its powder-blue flowers in clusters around the stems, like tiers of a wedding cake, so you still get that shimmery haze of blue in the background even in late summer. Its leaves even have a lavender-like scent.

C. clandonensis is the closest to lavender blue, but there are stronger shades: try 'Ferndown' and 'Kew Blue'. Give caryopteris the same conditions as you would lavender: the sunnier the better, and sharply-drained soil suits it best. 

Protecting Dahlia

With colder temperatures its worth considering lifting tender perennials such as Dahlia's to dry store for next year. If you live in a sheltered spot a deep winter mulch can offer enough protection to keep the tubers snug over the colder months. Dahlia's should be lifted and allowed to dry out before being labeled and wrapped in paper. ;

Growing grapevines

Of all the fruit you can grow in the garden, a grapevine is among the most productive and beautiful. All you need is a sunny wall, fence or pergola for it to scramble up and it'll cheerfully cover the whole thing with big elegant leaves turning brilliant colours in autumn, and of course fat cl…

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