Hanging around

Hanging chairs are the very latest in gardening style: not only beautiful sculptural pieces that make your garden bang on trend, but also incredibly comfortable. These are chairs you sink into, enveloping you in a little cocoon of luxury. The range of styles is amazing, and we have several for you to choose from in our garden centre in Caerphilly.

A cool, modern option is a hand-crafted wooden spiral in birch ply, folding flat when not in use (great for  city gardens). 'Nest' style baskets like pods come in wicker or simple cotton: fill with cushions and curl up inside with a book. Shell chairs in patterned metal or wicker make sleek, sophisticated statements under the dappled shade of a tree, while hammock chairs made from high quality cotton are great for more informal gardens.

To suspend your chair, one practical and flexible option is a free-standing frame. But you can also hang them from a strong tree branch, the rafter of a pergola or a bracket attached to the house or an arch: just make sure your chosen support is strong enough to take your weight and that of the chair.

Please ask the staff in our Caerphilly garden centre for more information and advice about hanging seats for your garden.

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