Stunningly good stone

Handsome, organic and hardwearing, stone is the connoisseur's choice for hard landscaping. Use a single stone right through your garden, for paths, patios and hard standings, and the whole design comes together in pleasing continuity.

There's a huge choice available in our garden centre, so here are some options to help you decide:

Local stone: mellow Yorkstone is the best known of UK stones and has a fabulous naturally non-slip finish. Granite, basalt and limestone are other locally-sourced options and very beautiful, but can be slippery when wet so apply a textured surface before laying.

The economic choice: a cost-effective and popular choice is sandstone, available in various colours including cream, grey and coloured. Surface textures include riven (with a gentle, natural ripple) to artificially textured and smooth sawn. It's non-slip when wet and weathers beautifully.

Artificial stone: manufactured from cast concrete reconstituted stone, artificial paving is a truly flexible and economical alternative giving you a vast choice of finishes and effects. Choose from contemporary finishes, 'terracotta' tiles, imitation wood or traditional style paving that looks just like the original but for a fraction of the cost. 

Please ask the staff in our Caerphilly garden centre for more information and advice about choosing stone for your garden.

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